Sunday, October 25, 2015

Terracotta Snake bite!


♥ Scarf  = Urban Culture

♥ Brown Snake Print Kimono = BOOHOO.COM

♥ Terracotta/ Marsala Jumpsuit = BOOHOO.COM

♥ Brown Snake Print belt = Chicabooti

♥ Brown leather bag = Vintage

♥ White shoes = Williams shoes (I got it a long time ago)

♥ Tiger tooth necklace = Lovisa Jewelry

♥  Ring set + Metalic Tattoo = Lovisa Jewelry

♥ Snake palm cuff  = Colette Hayman

♥ Gold watch = Guess

♥ Sunglasses = Models Prefer (Found at Priceline)

Outfit Notes:

♥ The outfit for today was actually a bit unexpected, I literally stood in front of my cupboard for about 10 minutes before inspiration hit.

♥ The jumpsuit itself is chiffon and lined, it feels really nice on and it is made to be a little loose, the only problem is that I can't wear it by itself because it's a tad see through. So I have to always wear a longer item on top. It actually looks like i payed way more for it that what i actually did.

♥ The Kimono is a lovely brown snake print that is actually very opaque, and long sleeved,  meaning i can wear it on its own with no additional long sleeved tops under. That is a major bonus considering it is summer at the moment.

♥ I chose the white shoes because I felt it completed the outfit better than any other shoes I have. With the exception of tan flats, however because it is Sunday, I went with heels.

♥ The bag that I am carrying is a vintage item that has been passed down to me from my Aunty. It is made from real leather and what feels like fluffy patches.

Till Next time!


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