Sunday, November 22, 2015

OOTD - Aztec Dreams

OOTD - Aztec Dreams

Warehouse cowboy jacket
52 AUD -

Long chiffon skirt
55 AUD -

31 AUD -

Topshop tan handbag
97 AUD -

NAKAMOL golden bracelet
29 AUD -

Marble ring

Mulberry woven scarve
690 AUD -

H M belt
27 AUD -

Marc Jacobs vintage fragrance
150 AUD -

So, while I couldn't take any OOTD pictures, that would not stop me from sharing what I wore and how. Today I was feeling Boho vibes, as well as spring vibes, so I put together this outfit to translate what I was feeling into an outfit. I felt so comfortable and confident in my outfit, and as a result I had a fantastic day, it was so full on that I didn't get a chance to snap it. I do plan on wearing it again and taking pictures this time, just to show you guys the final look on me. 

Share what you wore with me! 

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Hijab

So, what made me want to write today's post is something I feel so strongly about. It is also something I see being mistreated and misinterpreted, which really upsets me; the Hijab! 
The Hijab is a beautiful symbol of modesty and piousness that Allah (subhanahu wa Ta'ala) himself has told us to wear to cover ourselves and conserve our beauty and modesty with. 

The Hijab is meant to cover the hair, ears, neck and chest area, and only the face is to be shown. However,these days the Hijab has become something girls play with and turn into a turban or a hat or just a flying cloth hanging by a pin. 
While I believe that it is okay to dress it up and be fashionable in a modest way, I do not believe that a turban or just covering the hair and leaving the neck justifies the Hijab at all. In fact it has quite the opposite effect and I feel that it degrades it, especially when girls show their ankles and even higher above the ankle sometimes, as well as their neck and a bit of their chest. 

I will be the fist to admit that I am not perfect and that I don't always wear loose clothes like we are meant to, however i do make sure everything is covered properly and nothing of my body is fully defined. I love fashion and style but I also love my Hijab, I wouldn't be me without it. So please, to whoever is reading this, if you or someone you know wears their Hijab in such a way, kindly advise them to try to cover those areas, in a way where you do not offend them of-course! 

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